Hayabusa 60% Keyboard - Dark Shippuden

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Hayabusa 60% Mechanical Keyboard 


Introducing our newest and most advanced model yet - The Hayabusa V4 Keyboard! Reengineered with innovative upgrades, this keyboard offers an unparalleled gaming/typing experience. At the heart of the Hayabusa lies our proprietary New Alpherior Switches, offering swift and responsive keystrokes, while our New Alpherior Stabilizers ensure a consistent and smooth key motion. The addition of high-quality Dampening Foam optimizes typing noise, creating an immersive, distraction-free environment for your gaming sessions. We've also incorporated a Silicone Gasket, providing a premium, cushioned feel for a truly luxurious typing and gaming experience.



    • Wired Keyboard - Type C

    • Dark Shippuden Custom Colorway


    • Full Hotswap PCB (Easily Swap Switches instead of Buying a New Keyboard) 

    • Beautiful RGB Lighting

    • Customized PBT Doubleshot Backlit Keycaps

    • Kailh Speed Switches

    • Full Software Available Soon with Custom Lighting, Macros & Program ability


    • Includes Keycap Puller & Switch Puller 

             V4 Upgrades *NEW*

    • Alpherior Pre-Lubed Custom Speed Switches

    • Alpherior Stabilizers 


    • High-Quality Dampening Foam

    • Premium Silicone Gasket


    • 5-Pin Hotswap PCB



Switch Stats:

Kailh Bronze Speed Switch – Clicky | 1.1mm Actuation Point | 3.8mm Max Travel | 50g Force (Think of Speed Blues)

Alpherior Silver Ice Speed Switch – Linear | 1.1mm Actuation Point | 3.8mm Max Travel | 40g Force (Think of Speed Reds)

Alpherior Copper Speed Switch– Tactile | 1.1mm Actuation Point | 3.8mm Max Travel | 50g  Force (Think of Speed Browns)


Alpherior Keys 60% Hayabusa Keyboard is an innovative Mechanical Gaming Keyboard made with Top of the Line Speed Switches that help enhance your gaming experience to the fullest extent with both Comfort and Quality.  All of our Hayabusa 60% Keyboards come stock with Kailh Speed Switches of your preference and A beautiful colorway of PBT Doubleshot Keycaps that are Guaranteed to to catch anyone's eye.


We do sell The Keycap sets individually and you can Shop those HERE<-